2017 Houses


The 2017 homes are located in some of Ipswich’s most scenic locations and feature a diverse range of architectural styles.


Foster Grant house sits on a visible remnant of one of Ipswich’s oldest thoroughfares – Annable’s Lane, nestled alongside modern Summer Street.  When the house changed hands in the 1960’s, it had most recently been a 2-family, with two front doors and separate kitchens.  But how far back into its 3 centuries does the 2-family floor-plan go?  Was the original 1717 structure a “half-house,” soon to be doubled for a branching family tree?  Or did an original central chimney come down (a casualty, perhaps, of the Cape Ann earthquake of 1755) to make way for a central stair?  Today, celebrating its 300th birthday, Foster Grant house features 7 working hearths (3 with bake-ovens), original summer beams, hand-planed panels, extensive gardens and separate hand-hewn timber frame studio (a recent North Bennett Street School project), and a just-completed renovation that creates fresh kitchen and family space in the midst of preserved 18th-century features

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